Local Cemeteries

As a convenience to family members and friends who are arriving from out of town, we’ve compiled a list of some of the local cemeteries near the funeral home.

Mountain View Cemetery
1315 Edgar Avenue
Beaumont, California
Phone: (951) 845-3303
Website: www.summitcemeterydistrict.com

It began as a family cemetery. The first known burial was in 1843. In 1888 the Osburn family donated the three acre cemetery to the City of Beaumont. In 1921, Beaumont Public Cemetery was formed.

Currently the cemetery comprises 10.7 acres, the last of which was donated by the Carl Mellor family. The latest addition to the grounds is a beautiful fountain niche for those desiring inurnment. It also boasts a bell tower which provides bells and music for visitors, as well as the surrounding community. The beautiful park-like setting lies within the City of Beaumont.

Mt. View Cemetery Office serves both Mt. View and Sunnyslope Cemeteries.

San Gorgonio Memorial Park 
2201 N San Gorgonio Ave.
Banning, California
Phone: (951) 849-3725
Website: http://www.summitcemeterydistrict.com

The original 3.74 acres, which was owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad in the late 1800’s, was purchased in 1905 by five Banning citizens, who soon incorporated to form the Banning Cemetery Association. All five men are now buried in the cemetery. In 1931 the Banning-Cabazon Cemetery District was created. San Gorgonio Memorial Park now encompasses over 25 acres of beautiful hillside property lying within the City of Banning.

With the San Gorgonio Mountains as a backdrop, visitors to the cemetery may pay respects to loved ones in a natural, serene setting

Stewart Sunnyslope Cemetery
40 Pennsylvania Avenue
Beaumont, California
Phone: (951) 845-1336
Website: http://www.summitcemeterydistrict.com

Sunnyslope also began as a family cemetery. It’s original six acres were donated to the City of Beaumont in 1888. Sunnyslope Cemetery was included in the formation of the District in 1921. During the next forty years, the Stewart family donated another seven acres, as well as the current well pump and pressure system. This historic site offers the serenity and charm of a true country cemetery.

Riverside National Cemetery  
22495 Van Buren Blvd.
Riverside California,
Phone: (951) 653-8417
Fax: (951) 653-5233
Website: www.cem.va.gov